Good day family, We are Back2Patterns.co.uk a Pan-African/Afrocentric organisation

Dedicated to reviving Afrika, Back2Patterns came to life in 2015 officially, when studying under the great Dr Khalid Muhammed one thing we realised was we need to keep black money in the black community and support black businesses if we want to stand a chance.

Now after doing some research and looking for african clothing in london & afrocentric businesses that are actually owned and run by africans we saw an opportunity to develop our talents and bring the service that was so much needed to the market, we are a black owned and run company,  UK based but we ship worldwide for convenience.

We mainly focus on African printAfrican fabrics (Ankara, Kente), African inspired accessories and bold colours using traditional materials such as wax prints and batiks to really make heads turn. These are usually exclusive designs (1-2) that are guaranteed to keep you up to date with the current fashion trends.

So what are you waiting for we offer one off designs at affordable prices, we also offer his and hers couples matching outfits so you can look sweet with your bae..

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